The Naval Diplomacy Box
The Naval Diplomacy Box
Thick High-Viscosity Body Wash - Naval Diplomacy
Big Ass Brick of Soap - Naval Diplomacy
Anti-Perspirant Deodorant - Naval Diplomacy
Aluminum-Free Deodorant - Naval Diplomacy
Tactical Scrubber

The Naval Diplomacy Box

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Naval Diplomacy Deodorant (Deodorant Type)

Featuring scents of bergamot and aquatic musk, Naval Diplomacy smells like navigating the high seas, not Aunt Karen’s above-ground pool. The Naval Diplomacy Box includes a variety of our top smelling grooming provisions in this unique and ruggedly masculine scent, to keep you looking great and smelling downright fantastic all day long.

  • Antiperspirant & Deodorant or Aluminum-Free Deodorant - Naval Diplomacy
  • Thick High-Viscosity Body Wash - Naval Diplomacy
  • Big Ass Brick of Soap - Naval Diplomacy
  • Tactical Scrubber

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