Top 5 Worst Gifts For Coworkers


Whether it’s a boss, a subordinate, or just a co-worker, gifting can be challenging. Avoid these common pitfalls to prevent being the office clown.

Self-Improvement Books

Nothing says, “Happy Holidays” like some passive aggressive constructive feedback. “Even though your yearly review is a month away, how about we use this festive occasion to get a head start on tackling your weaknesses? A simply awful gift.

Drug Store Wine

Alcohol generally makes a great gift and makes even the worst co-worker a tad more tolerable. However, when procrastination leads to a last minute trip to the Walgreens across from the office, no one wins.

Gift Card to The Company Store

Oh sweet! $15 to go blow on an ill-fitting T-shirt with the company logo on it! Or maybe you can get a deal on last year’s discontinued products to give to other people you don’t like.

Team Lunch at Applebee’s

“Hey, how about we go next store and grab lunch? My treat!” says your boss. Sure, what a generous offer to have the company pay for an alcohol-free, 37-minute meal while we talk about the objectives of our 1pm meeting.

This Particular Sweater

Under normal circumstances, buying clothes for co-workers is not a good idea, unless you enjoy spending time with Human Resources. If you must, though, do not get this particular sweater. This is awful, manifesting the worst humanity has to offer. For the love all all things holy, do not buy this sweater.