"F" Is for Fall - A Guide to Duke Cannon's Favorite Season

Duke Cannon loves all the seasons, but we hold a special place in our heart for fall. The weather is mild, beloved old jackets can emerge from the closet, and of course, hunting season returns. Then we noticed that so many of things we really love about fall also start with the letter "F." Coincidence? Like any good detective, we don't believe in those, so scroll down to join us in getting the warm fuzzies over the mightiest of earth’s rotations. 


Without a doubt, a first-ballot entrant in the Fabric Hall of Fame. Blankets, shirts, boxers, bedsheets, handkerchiefs, jeans with flannel lining, t-shirts that say “FLANNEL” on them in large, bold letters — Duke Cannon embraces all members of this nobly-woven family once the weather turns. In fact, changing the sheets from cotton to flannel in mid-September is a beloved seasonal occasion treated with nearly the same reverence as Thanksgiving. And do we own matching pajamas for those sheets? We cannot tell a lie.


We speak of this sport so often that this should go without saying, but this is our forum so we’re going to say it anyway: we love football. We love the college variety, the pro variety, and yes, the Friday night high school game variety as well. We love Pop Warner. We love folding up a sheet of notebook paper into a triangle and kicking it with our middle finger through ‘uprights’ formed by a friends hands as they sag in defeat. We love pre-game shows, we love highlights of games we just watched, and we love NERF for making a football that won’t break things when we throw it indoors. Fall means football, and vice versa.


Duke Cannon is the undisputed king of a firepit. We say this not to boast, but to simply acknowledge things as they are. It’s like saying “the earth revolves around the sun;” it’s an indisputable fact. We were first allowed to light a controlled flame in 1977 and we’ve never looked back, and now our skill at micro-managing this element is spoken of in reverent tones around, well— campfires, which is only appropriate. And we love few things more than getting a char going in the backyard on a crisp fall night in the company of beer and someone we love to shoot the sh*t with. You’re welcome anytime.


Yes, we mean beer—we’re not going to miss an opportunity to throw up a salute for the miraculous fermentation of starches known as beer, no sir. The stuff takes on a different personality every season (we see you, Pumpkin Beer), and when the temperatures dial down and the sweatshirts come out it’s time to enjoy the ale out back by the bonfire under a clear and starry sky, or perhaps even under the camouflage of a coozie at a Saturday afternoon pee-wee football game. 


We admit it: we get excited by the first skyward glimpses of yellow, red and orange. Duke Cannon is, after all, just a man, made of flesh and blood, and is subject to feeling the same sense of reverent awe as anyone else when Mother Nature does her thing. More so, in fact—we’re always the one pulling the car over, making everyone get out and ogle in wonder and amazement at the autumn fireworks display. We even love the bonus finale, when all the leaves fall off their respective trees and rake-a-palooza begins (which also serves to remind us why we had kids in the first place).