Duke Cannon’s Summer Reading List

Just because summer is about halfway over (or has only halfway started if you’re looking at the bright side) doesn’t mean it’s too late to start plowing through Duke Cannon’s essential summer reading list. But just a warning: if you’re looking for the latest teenage vampire drama, the next fad diet, or the next blockbuster movie, you may want to check out Oprah’s Book Club instead. For truly productive reads, check our top picks:

Rand McNally’s 2018 Road Atlas

You carry a map because a Duke Cannon Man’s ability to get around should have nothing to do with the battery life of his smartphone or proximity to cellular towers. But you read a map because understanding America’s awesome network of roads is educational and exciting. They say a good book can transport you to new places, but a good atlas tells you exactly how to get there and where to stop along the way. And as a bonus, Rand McNally’s editors share their favorite, scenic U.S. road trips. See if that British lady in the Garmin can do the same.

Official Football Rule Books

Come September, you’re probably going to watch football. And whether you’re watching NFL or Pop Warner, there’s a good bet you’re probably going to yell at the referees. In fact, you’re going to insist you know the rules better than they do, and if you’re a Duke Cannon man, you’ll be telling the truth. Read all the rules, even the confusing ones like what constitutes “possession” during a catch (rule 8, section 1, article 3), or the rules you disdain, like “roughing the passer” (section 2 article 9).

Your Vehicle Manual

Don’t be a guy who only looks at his vehicle manual when strange lights and beeps start eminating from the dashboard. A vehicle manual is: 1) a personal finance book (it tells you how to keep your vehicle running smoothly and avoid auto repairs); 2) a mystery novel (uncover what all the weird sh*t under your truck’s hood does); and 3) an adventure guide (learn all the cool features of your automobile that making driving more fun). It’s the ultimate summer page-turner.

Atkins Saw Book for the Home Craftsman

E.C. Atkins and Co. was an American saw manufacturer that was in business from 1855 to 1956. It made damn good saws and damn good booklets for people who cared about woodworking. Though first published in 1930, it’s still as relevant as ever. Sure, if you want to learn about being a craftsman on YouTube, that’s your prerogative. But we’ll stick with this classic, which contains great lines like, “…in fact, many a lawyer has been more elated over the completion of a difficult task in his home shop than over his victory in a knotty legal case in court.” We’re pretty sure this still holds true, even if most lawyer movies don’t contain a word working montage.