April Fool’s Pranks That Crush It

We’ll be honest. Duke Cannon isn’t a big fan of shenanigans. He cares little for inauthentic fart noises, and he respects the right of every man to have a working keyboard. However, he does recognize that a little bit of mischief can help keep things light, so here are three hilarious plots any hard-working man can execute.

Sneakily Replace Old Outlets With New GFCI Receptacles

Late at night, when everyone is sleeping, sneak into the bathrooms and replace the old outlets with new GFCI receptacles. Now imagine the surprise on everyone’s face when they wake up to find an outlet that will trip the circuit any time there’s an imbalance in the current flow! Booyah!

Covertly Hide The Sticks and Yard Debris

First, create an elaborate ruse to get the family out of the house for about an hour or so. Maybe tell them that that grandma is flying in and they need to pick her up at the airport. When they leave, go take all the sticks, leaves, and debris that fell on the lawn over the winter, and hide them in the trash. When they return, everyone will be like: “Whoa, WTF happened to all the sticks?” And you pop out from behind a tree and scream, “Gotcha!” Classic.

Drain Her Car’s Oil

Have you ever tried to run a car without oil? At best, the car won’t run well; at worst, the engine will explode! Hilarious! So, when she’s not looking, remove the sump drain plug, and let the oil slowly pour out as you plot your next move. Then, promptly replace the plug and pour in the recommended amount of a new, more premium oil, making sure not to be caught in the act. Once complete, clean up your mess and skedaddle! She’ll have no clue you just drained (and then replaced) her car’s oil!