Tomorrow is a special day here in Duke Cannon Country: Veterans Day.

As a brand that has supported Veteran causes since day one (in fact, we were founded on Veterans Day 2011), we thought it appropriate to hit pause on our usual Friday email content, and cede the floor to MSG. Josh Guyse, who we are honored to have work alongside us as Executive Director of the Duke Cannon Veterans Fund.

Josh was kind enough to write the following letter, on behalf of himself and other Veterans, detailing how your support has helped Duke Cannon make a positive difference in the lives of those who have served our country.


From Josh: 

To all of the good folks in Duke Cannon Country: thank you for being so supportive.

Duke Cannon has given to Veteran causes since its inception, and your continued patronage has allowed us to go from helping a single Veteran travel on Honor Flight 10 years ago, to being able to help thousands of Veterans this year alone.

We established the Duke Cannon Veterans Fund earlier this year to address the areas where Veterans needed the most significant assistance, knowing that society was falling short of adequately meeting those needs. Our mission is to enable a successful transition for Veterans from military service to civilian life. To fulfill this mission, the Duke Cannon Veterans Fund provides support to organizations that provide health care, mental health support, job training, and educational services to Veterans and their families.

Since then, we’ve made a $1,000,000 commitment to the Gary Sinise Foundation, to help them build specially adapted, mortgage-free smart homes for severely wounded veterans. We have also committed $300,000 to the Magnus Veterans Foundation to help provide free healthcare to Veterans and their families. We have given $150,000 to Eagle's Healing Nest, which provides care to Veterans recovering from trauma and the unseen wounds of combat, and we have granted $90,000 to Project Got Your Back to assist them in helping Veterans and their families navigate the many support programs available in various communities.

These are just the programs we have made significant donations to. It does not include groups we have donated products to, or the volunteer efforts of our wider Duke Cannon team. I share this information not to seek praise, but rather to clearly illustrate how much of an impact your support has helped us make.

On behalf of myself and Veterans around the country—thank you and happy Veterans Day.

Joshua R. Guyse
Executive Director, Duke Cannon Veterans Fund