5 Things You Didn't Know About Our Big Ass Bar Of Soap

Impress Your Friends With These Little Known Facts!

  1. The Big Ass Brick of Soap launched on Veteran’s Day of 2011. Not only was this a nod to service men and women we look to benefit through charitable donations, but it also happened to be 11/11/11 – an anniversary date that no one in the company can possibly forget.
  2. The size and shape are based of soap used by GIs during the Korean War. The plant that produced the BABOS was the sole supplier to the U.S. Military during the Korean War, and they used to produce full pound “brick style” soap that were air-dropped to GIs and used for both body and clothing. The current model retains the brick shape but was scaled down to be a bit more functional. We presume it also smells a little better, too.
  3. The first batch of 1000 units sold out in 6 days. Thanks in part to some early PR, we sold out of product in a week and then took pre-orders for our second batch throughout the Holiday Season. We also stopped warehousing the product in our garage and running orders to the post office ourselves.
  4. Duke Cannon was not the first namesake for our soap. When the idea was first conceived, we were planning to name the product Kirk Cockwood’s Big Ass Brick of Soap. But then we decided we actually wanted to “sell” product, so we made an adjustment.
  5. The stock numbers on each item are based off players’ numbers from the founders’ favorite hockey team.