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Woodsmen Triple Play

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Sandalwood and Cedarwood have joined forces to deliver the final blow in the battle to smell like a decent adult.

If you're seeking a uniquely masculine scent profile, then consider dialing up the Woodsmen Triple Play, a compilation of three complementary woodsy grooming goods: 

  • THICK Body Wash - Smells Like Old Glory: a high viscosity shower soap with the rich combination of tobacco leaf, cedarwood, and leather (17.5 oz.)
  • News Anchor Hair 2-in-1 Hair Wash - Cedarwood scent (6 oz.) 
  • Sandalwood & Amber Antiperspirant + Deodorant: subtle scent of lightly spiced woods and fresh vetiver with undertones of rich leather (2.75 oz.)
Purchased separately, one might pay $35. But all three together for $29.