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The Starting Five Bundle

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For starters, The Starting 5 will give any fellow a kick-start on his journey to be a self-starter on the road to better grooming.  Featuring five of our highest reviewed goods, The Starting 5 promises to get you clean, feeling right, and smelling better, from head to toe. 

Bundle Includes: 

  • News Anchor Thick 2-in-1 Tea Tree Hair Wash (3 oz.): a premium 2-in-1 that cleans, conditions, and helps provide the appearance of thicker hair (minty, tea tree scent) 
  • Working Man's Face Wash (2 oz.): a light face wash with a touch of grit and Vitamin C for an energizing and thorough clean (light, citrus formula)
  • Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm (1.5 oz.):  a lanolin based hand balm that hydrates the hands without leaving them feeling greasy (unscented) 
  • THICK Exfoliating Body Wash (3.4 oz.) - Old Glory Scent: a high viscosity body wash with natural exfoliants for a deeper clean (rich scent with notes of cedarwood, tobacco, and amber) 
  • Proper Cologne Travel Ration - Sawtooth (.34oz.): a pocket-friendly spray cologne dispenser with our best smelling Sawtooth scent (light, woodsy scent, with notes of cedar and amber) 

As an added bonus, folks who buy the Starting 5 will receive an email with a $20 gift card on your next order.