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The "12-Hour No Shower" Triple Play

Original price: $52.00 Current price: $45.00

Occasionally, a hard-working fellow needs to clean up and smell better without the assistance of modern plumbing.

Duke Cannon's "12 Hour No Shower" Triple Play provides the essential goods to go from unkempt to "kempt" when a full-blown shower isn't an option.

Cooling Field Towels clean and refresh the face and body while Quick Fix Dry Shampoo helps rejuvenate and style your mop.

Finish with our Vetiver + Oakmoss Solid Cologne for a modern, but sophisticated, scent that blends woodsy and green notes that smell downright fantastic.


  • 1 - Cold Shower Cooling Field Towels (25 ct. pouch)
  • 1 - News Anchor Quick Fix Dry Shampoo (5 oz.)
  • 1 - Solid Cologne Vetiver + Oakmoss (1.5 oz.)

Sold separately, one might pay $52, but purchased together, let's call it an even $45.