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Partially Opened 1988 Fleer Baseball Cards Pack ("Holy Grail")

Original price: $5,000.00 Current price: $2,500.00

Up for sale is what my cousin Randy described as the "holy f@*%ing grail" of card collecting, a (partially opened) 1988 Fleer Wax Pack. According to Randy, who stopped following baseball in 1989, this incredibly rare antiquity could contain cardboard gold in the form of surefire, first-ballot Hall of Famers Dwight Gooden, Jose Canseco, or even the highly coveted rookie card of can't-miss phenom Gregg Jefferies. We consulted one local dealer who said he had not seen a (partially) unopened pack of 1998 Fleer since he bought six full cases at a flea market last September. It's that rare. 


Product Specs: 

  • 1988 Fleer is consistently rated among the top 10 Fleer issues of the decade 
  • Most likely contains the 15 cards and 1 sticker promised on the pack
  • Most definitely was not searched for stars like Wade Boggs 
  • Does not contain gum. Apparently only Topps had gum. Not that it would taste good. 
  • No guarantee to find Wade Boggs. 


Randy's Conservative Estimate of Value: "at least 5 G's easy."  

Your Price: $2500