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Impossibly Rare "Power Ballads 2" Music Compact Disc

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No one thought it was possible after the release of Power Ballads 1, but the follow-up album that arrived in the summer of 2000 literally bashed in our collective skulls with awesomeness. In what's been called the greatest thing to ever happen to lovers and backwards skaters only, Power Ballads 2 takes us on a sensorial journey that starts with the epic "I Remember You" by Skid Row, and then progresses through 11 more incrementally more epic tunes, ending with the most epic "Goodbye" by Night Ranger. Copies of this modern opus were limited in production to just 30 million and can no longer be found in decent condition with the liner notes still intact. As such, this impossibly rare copy will be offered here for the bargain price of $480.  

Product Specs: 

  • Holy $&$t! Do you remember "To Be With You" by Mr. Big?
  • Sounds ridiculously good while driving a 98 Camaro convertible with top down
  • Wait, did Mr. Big actually have any hard rock songs to justify having a power ballad, or did they literally only do power ballads? Weak. 
  • While slow dancing to power ballads, please keep your hands above the waist, young man.