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Grooming Grad Degree

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The graduates of 2021 have put in the work. And now you’re working to find a gift more clever than an Amazon gift card.

Consider giving the gift of a better aroma diploma to the young man in your life and help them graduate to better grooming. Duke Cannon’s Grooming Grad Degree contains the essentials to ensure they'll be ready for everything that life has in store post-graduation:

  • Interview Ready Hair, from our News Anchor 2-in-1 Tea Tree Hair Wash and News Anchor Pomade
  • Cool and Dry Confidence from an Antiperspirant that’s built for 12-hour workdays, not 45-minute kickball games
  • A Celebratory Toast from a Busch Beer Soap with a refreshing sandalwood scent.

And hey, if you really want to blow their mind, stuff a $20 in that soap box. That’ll still get you a 30 pack in Wisconsin.

The Grooming Grad Degree Includes

  • News Anchor 2-in1 Hair Wash Tea Tree Formula (10 oz.) (Menthol to wake you up and a clean mint scent.)
  • News Anchor Pomade (4.6 oz.) (Medium to strong hold with the light scent of classic sandalwood with a hint of citrus.)
  • Trench Warfare Antiperspirant Deodorant (2.75 oz.) (Subtle scent of lightly spiced woods and fresh vetiver with undertones of rich leather.)
  • THICK HIGH-VISCOSITY BODY WASH – Smells Like Productivity (15 oz.) (Invigorating scent blends notes of fresh eucalyptus, peppermint, and woodsy pine.)
  • Busch Beer Soap (10 oz.) (Sandalwood Scent)

Bought separately, these would cost $57.50. Get all five items in a sturdy cardboard box for $45 + free shipping.