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Fire Hose Dopp KIt

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Our firefighter friends at Ladder 34 handcraft durable goods out of reclaimed fire hose, right here in the USA. This holiday, we asked them to manufacture a small batch of custom Duke Cannon Dopp Kits from fire hose that didn't quite meet the specs of the Chicago Fire Department. Hand sewn in Grand Rapids, MI, and packed with a selection of Duke Cannon's best smelling travel-sized grooming goods, this is the last Dopp any fellow will need. 

Each unique fire hose Dopp contains: 

  • Bourbon Solid Cologne (woodsy, oak barrel scent) 
  • Trench Warfare Antiperspirant + Deodorant (bergamot & back pepper scent)
  • Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm - Travel Size (unscented) 
  • Big Ass Beer Soap, Jr. - Travel Size (warm, sandalwood scent) 
  • Working Man's Face Wash - Travel Size (light citrus scent)
  • News Anchor Tea Tree  Hair Wash - Travel Size   


  • Made in the USA
  • This Chicago Fire Hose has not been used in service. It was discarded due to a wrong size coupling but reclaimed and put to good use in this Dopp. 
  • Ladder 34 is a firefighter owned company that makes awesome goods and gives back. Buy some of their stuff.