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Appropriately Sized Holiday Soap - 3.5 Inches of Snow (2-pack)

Current price: $9.00

About half the size of our Big Ass Soap, but still bigger than most common soaps, this appropriately sized and moderately humorous seasonal offering is the perfect stocking stuffer when you don't feel like shopping anymore. This item features a refreshing cool mint aroma inspired by 3 1/2 Inches of Snow, an amount that's enough to warrant breaking out the snow blower, but not enough to mess up your commute.* While it's still December, and snow is still a novelty, there's never been  a better time to embrace the scent of the season with this Limited Edition mini holiday soap. 

Product Specs: 

  • Even at 4.5 oz., our mini soap is still bigger than most common soaps
  • Made in the USA by humans, not elves
  • Has an invigorating cool mint scent evocative of fresh snow, but not too much snow 
  • *joke about commuting may not be applicable in Atlanta or Dallas
  • According to Aunt Barb, John would "absolutely love this." 

1 order will consist of two (2) 4.5 oz. bars of soap.