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Do you test on animals?

Short answer: hell no. Less short answer: We love puppies. At Duke Cannon, we believe dogs are even better than best friends. A dog, after all, will never call you at 2am to bail him out of jail, and he’ll never subtly hit on your wife. We love dogs. Hardly a day goes by when there isn’t a dog’s presence making our office a better to place to work. We like animals. We don’t even hate cats. As such, we never test on animals. Just interns.

Where can I buy Duke Cannon Supply Co. products?

Duke Cannon products are sold in brick and mortar stores across this country and even a few in Canada. Take a look at our handy store locator tool and type in your zip code for a list of nearby retailers. Of course, we also sell our stuff right here on this website, so feel free to take a gander if you’re feeling lazy or don’t like field trips.

Do you offer free samples?

Currently we do not have sample sizes of our products. However, you can email with your zip code or use Facebook Messenger so we can look up a nearby location where you can take a whiff of our goods before you buy. You can also locate a local retailer near you and grab a smaller travel size version to try it out.

Can you tell me more about your charitable giving?

Every year, we donate 5% of our net profits to causes that benefit veterans and active duty military. We generally select one cause every quarter to be the primary recipient of our charitable funds. Past recipients include K9s for Warriors, Honor Flight, and Fisher House. We also occasionally provide product to smaller, military-based philanthropies as well if the budget allows. While we don’t have the resources to benefit every cause in which we believe, you can inquire more through email at

Can I create a custom bundle or gift set?

Anything is possible, especially for the good folks of Duke Cannon Country. Check out our existing bundles here. If you don't see anything that suits your give us a call at 855-354-4438, we will do our best to accommodate. But only if you’re nice.

Are your products formulated for sensitive skin.

Our products are not specifically formulated for any type of skin. The steel cut grains in our core soaps may be abrasive to very sensitive skin. Please see the ingredients of each product to evaluate whether our goods will work with you.

Your soap is too big and won’t fit in my holder.

Actually, that’s not exactly a question. You have three options: either build yourself a new soap holder (preferred), take out your knife and cut yourself a crack-slice, or take a gander at one of our new travel-sized options. Or you can store it in the Duke Cannon Tactical Scrubber for safe keeping.

Will the products made with bourbon or beer make me reek like alcohol?

While the products offered in our Tavern Collection were made with Buffalo Trace Bourbon and Old Milwaukee Beer, their pleasant scents come across as oak barrel and sandalwood, respectively. Yes, you can use these products prior to work, church, visiting your grandmother or operating a motor vehicle — as long as the only thing you've been indulging in is one of our premium soaps or colognes, you won't have any reason for concern.

I hate shipping. Why is the shipping so high?

Our stuff is heavy and, unfortunately, the good folks of Fedex and USPS require payment for their services. However, we went back and talked to the manager, and this is what we can do. If you’re willing to spend $35 on premium, grooming goods today, we’ll ship your stuff for free. No questions asked.

I have a question about an order I’ve placed.

We can help. But there’s no need to get the whole Internet involved in your question. We can address this one-on-one if you email us at or call us at 855-354-4438.

I’m trying to find my brother Carl a gift, and I can’t decide between the Shower Beer Sack and the All American Grooming Box.

Wait, Susan, is that you? Holy hell, it’s been way too long! I haven’t heard Carl’s name in forever. Damn. How is that guy? I assume he landed on his feet? Nice. Oh man, we totally need to catch up over lunch or something, but yeah, either one of those would be good. Here's a list of all of the larger grooming kits. Also, check out the Grooming Barrel.

Do your fragrances contain parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and other allergens?

Nope. None of our fragrances contain any of these Parabensulphthatergens (We made that word up). We also do not include any synthetic dyes or animal derived ingredients. America's best dudes deserve only the best ingredients.

Will your products get me laid or make me more manly?

Duke Cannon’s premium grooming goods will not get you laid, and they won’t make you more manly. They promise only to you get you clean, smelling, and feeling good. Your masculinity is not defined by the brands you use but by the actions you take. The Duke Cannon brand is FOR decent, hard-working men; it doesn’t help create them.

Who is Duke Cannon?

Duke Cannon is a good American dude.