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Running out of grooming goods isn’t as bad as running out of napkins halfway through a rack of ribs, but it’s close. Consider The Duke Cannon Supply Drop, a quarterly subscription box packed with our best sellers, latest releases, and limited-edition Duke Cannon gear.

Each Drop ships for free with over $75 in Duke Cannon goods and whatever else we feel like sending. A sensible way to stay stocked up on your favorite American-made grooming goods for less than a one-night stay in the Econo Lodge off I-70 in Topeka.

Supply drop #006:
What's inside

THICK EXfoliating Shower Soap

An exfoliating liquid shower soap that's 4x thicker than the weak, watery stuff used by your teenage neighbor. The VICTORY scent is fresh and clean, blending notes of fresh seagrass, warm woods, and light musk. It doesn't smell like a high school dance.


This is a portable source of heat and light that delivers immediate illumination and warmth in tactical situations. This wax and wick device often called a "candle" offers a non-offensive "Pine" scent that many folks find very pleasant.

BIg ass Soap:

A large, 10 oz. soap with the warm, woodsy scent of burning hickory. This scent works all year long.

Big Ass Soap:

A large, 10 oz. soap with the invigorating scent of fresh split pine. Perfect for any occasion.

big ass BRICK OF SOAP:

A large, 10 oz. brick of soap made with activated charcoal for a superior clean. Has a modern, but distinguished, bergamot and black pepper scent.  


A concentrated cologne balm that melts at your fingertips for precision application. The Redwood scent is masculine and warm, containing hints of sandalwood, amber, citrus, rosemary, and clove. Smells like a walk through the Great Northwest, not a JV locker room.

duke cannon 2 oz. steel flask

A steel vessel designed to carry a couple shots of your favorite libation to Aunt Mildred's, the DMV, or Jimmy's cello recital.

Things to know:
  • No minimum term of the subscription; pause or cancel any time in your my account page or by calling: (855) 354-4438
  • A recurring charge of $50.00 will be automatically charged to your credit card for each shipment.
  • You must pause or cancel an order 24 hour before the next order date to avoid being charged.
  • Your subscription will continue until you cancel it