Duke Cannon PSA Posters

Free downloadable posters for your office.

Use them in the kitchen, bathroom, and other high traffic areas.

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Larger size of these posters are now available to purchase. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to philanthropies on the front lines of helping people in need during this time of crisis.

Backyard National Park

Unlike some national parks, Backyard National Park encourages the use of open containers, open flames, and getting too close to the wildlife. And while there's no entrance fee, guests are expected to remove all dandelions before leaving the park.

Living Room Casino

Your living room may not have performances by Carrot Top or $400 bottles of Absolut, but then again, it doesn't have performances by Carrot Top or $400 bottles of Absolut.

Model Plan Airlines

Just because that weekend jaunt to Des Moines was cancelled doesn't mean you can't experience a little flight of fancy in the dimly lit skies of your own basement, where beer is free and they still serve nuts.

Fighting First Responders!

There's never been a better time in history to hold off on that petty misdemeanor so we can let the men and women in blue, red, and white complete their heroic work.

Truckers keep america truckin'

Next time you're stuck behind a rig going 60 in the fast lane, it may be prudent to remember how critical truckers are at keepin' America truckin' in good times and bad.

wash your hands!

Some will argue that we didn't spell 'dammit' correctly, but this poster offers sage advice for any time period. Hang it in the kitchen, bathroom, or butler's pantry if you have one.

Flatten the curve!

The best way to support the men and women on the front line of defense? By not needing them.

Buy takeout!

This may be the only time in history when being a good citizen requires one to order jalapeno poppers to go. Just order extra napkins in case you're low on TP.

Don't hoard rolls!

During WWII, Americans were urged to eat less bread. In 2020, Americans are urged to eat less chili, burritos, and bacon cheeseburgers.

yes, pets are contagious!

In times of uncertainty, tail wags and puppy kisses can reduce anxiety levels by 35%. Sure, we made that stat up, but we're not wrong, right?

Local Garage Bar and lounge

Walk into any bar over the last 10 years, and it will have concrete floors, an industrial garage door, and ironic wall decorations. So even though your favorite watering hole might be closed, you'll feel right at home at that new pub that opened just north of your driveway.

These clerks won't run!

The automated check-out lane may appear at times to be a time-saver, but the humans who continue to keep our food stores operating are life-savers.

these folks deliver!

Every December, we tend to question whether we should leave a holiday tip for the delivery and postal folks who keep us stocked on mostly inessential sh*t. It's no longer a question.

a dirty phone is a danger zone!

With over 25,172 bacteria per square inch, your phone carries all kinds of gross. Hang this in locations where folks are prone to use their phones; or, everywhere.


Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings. And every time you touch your face, society inches one step closer to complete anarchy.

good fellows use elbows.

Since birth, we've been told we need to cover our mouths. This poster finally reveals HOW.

stay back jack!

There may be a time when the "bro hug" returns to our daily lives. In the meantime, a head nod and an 'air fist bump' will suffice.

Patience! we can do it!

In a time of war, a nation often redirects its production to the outputs needed most. As of right now, the collective output of parental patience is at historical highs.

Brought to you by the duke cannon supply co. commission for proper hygiene.