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This isn't the weak, watered-down, flower-scented body wash your teenage neighbor uses. This is premium, high-viscosity, exfoliating shower soap designed for hard-working men.

Fact: Teenage body washes are weak, watered down, and smell like Friday night at fraternity row. Simply put, they don't get the job done. Hard-working men require a shower of substance to accomplish a full day's work.

Duke Cannon's THICK is formulated with a noticeably higher viscosity and built to work effectively on your body, not spew down the shower drain.


smooth out your shaving regimen

Turn shaving into something you enjoy doing with Duke Cannon Superior Grade Shave Cream. The smooth cream will cover your facial hair in a light lather, making it easy to shave away the stubble. It features aloe to give you instant relief while you're shaving, leaving a comfortable feeling once you're done. The light, citrusy bergamot scent will even help wake up your senses first thing in the morning.

"The most refreshing after-shave i have ever tried"

Made with menthol, the Duke Cannon's After-Shave Balm provides an extremely unique cooling effect that helps close the pores and provide instant comfort. Superior grade ingredients like aloe, shea butter, and allantoin provide hydration while minimizing razor burn irritation, and a light sandalwood fragrance leaves you feeling and smelling your handsome best. Free of alcohol, parabens, sulfates, and anything you don't want.

Formulated for the beards of world champions

The Duke Cannon's Best Damn Beard Wash is made with plant-based ingredients to tame your mane and moisturize the skin underneath it without stripping the beard of its natural oils and power. With a full 6 oz. tube, it offers a hefty portion that is generally more generous than the other fellows offer.

soften even the hardest-working beards

There is a fine line between the unruly beard of a grizzled mountain hobo and the dashing beard of a world champion. Go from unkempt to "kempt" with Duke Cannon's Best Damn Beard Oil. At 3X the size of the competition, our Beard Oil will last much longer, and it features an amber apothecary bottle with a slow drip pour top to reduce spills.

protect your beard — and the face underneath it

While a well manicured beard is a symbol of power and prestige, an unruly and disheveled beard has the potential to lead society into complete anarchy. Do your duty and maintain your beard with Duke Cannon's Best Damn Beard Balm. Made with superior grade ingredients like lanolin and cocoa butter, the balm smells of freshly-split cedar and comes in a convenient, travel-ready tin.

Let your scent be discovered, not announced

There comes a time when a fellow needs to define his signature scent. Inspired by nature, Duke Cannon's Proper Cologne is made with clean, naturally derived fragrance oils, crafted in small batches, and housed in a no frills, modern apothecary style bottle. Available in three scent camps with six distinct offerings, these colognes are clear-cut upgrades from teenage body spray or mall kiosk "fragrances."

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