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Duke Cannon Affiliate program

Duke Cannon sells more than just grooming goods. We sell a brand grounded in the values of hard work, sincerity, chivalry, and patriotism. And we're looking for a few more folks to help spread the good word.

We are pleased to introduce the Duke Cannon Affiliate Program, an initiative for our most ardent supporters. For the ones who share our core values and wish to promote our American-made, premium grooming products to their friends and followers.

When you steer some folks in our direction, and they purchase some premium goods on our site, we'll be sure to take care of you.

Affiliate resources to help you crush it.

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We offer 3 (three) affiliate platforms to choose from:

1. - Join at

2. SharesSale - Join at

3. Refersion - Complete the form below

It's fairly simple:

1. Send folks our way through your custom referral link.

2. Those people buy premium men's grooming goods, which registers as a sale for you.

3. Approved sales in Refersion will receive a 10% commission on sales from your link.
We also have an Ambassador program where you can earn points, products, cash and products for completing missions on your portable cellular mobile phone device!