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The Grooming Barrel

$150.00 $125.00

Conventional wisdom tells us that the best things in life come in barrels. So, we commissioned the production of 100 mini barrels from our woodworking partners in Maine, and we packed those barrels with over $150 worth of our finest, American-made grooming goods. Includes our complete selection of soaps, including our Big Ass Beer Soap and our new Big American Bourbon Soap, Shaving Cream, News Anchor Hair Wash, Face Wash, After Shave, Solid Cologne, and Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm. The reusable barrel is perfect for crafting your own whisky or reenacting scenes from Donkey Kong.


  • Big Ass Beer Soap (10 oz.)
  • Big American Bourbon Soap (10 oz.)
  • Big Ass Brick of Soap – Smells Like Victory (10 oz.)
  • Big Ass Brick of Soap – Smells Like Naval Supremacy (10 oz.)
  • Big Ass Brick of Soap – Smells Like Accomplishment (10 oz.)
  • Big Ass Brick of Soap – Smells Like Productivity (10 oz.)
  • News Anchor Hair Wash (10 oz.)
  • Superior Grade Shaving Cream (6 oz.)
  • Working Man’s Face Wash (4 oz.)
  • Bourbon Solid Cologne (woodsy, oak barrel scent)
  • Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm (5 oz.)
  • Ice Cold After Shave Balm (6 oz.)

A retail value of $159, on sale for $125 while supplies last.

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