Proper Cologne Discovery Set

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When it comes to finding his signature scent, a fellow shouldn't have to spend his valuable time at a mall kiosk.

This is not cheap drugstore cologne. Proper Cologne® is built for hard-working men who understand the importance of smelling good without making a big deal about it. Housed in pocket-sized, field-ready sprayers, each fragrance is a subtle scent enhancer meant to be discovered, not announced.


The Proper Cologne Travel Ration includes travel bag ready sample sizes of four of our top smellers:

  • Huron - Smells like navigating an open stretch of freshwater, not a poorly maintained pond in Jacksonville. Aquatic scent profile with notes of water, sandalwood, and vetiver.
  • Sawtooth - Smells like exploring crisp mountain air, not an overly air-conditioned motel room in Scottsdale. Woodsy scent profile with notes of cedarwood and amber.
  • Seneca - Smells like venturing outdoors after a fresh rainfall, not the hot tub at the O'Hare Best Western. Aquatic scent profile with notes of bergamot, neroli, and cashmere woods.
  • Gunnison - Smells like enjoying the lush, dynamic crispness of the great outdoors, not the foul, stagnant staleness of the indoors at a DMV.