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The Shower Beer Sack


Beer is good for many things, including the skin. So we decided to put beer in soap. Not some pumpkin spiced craft mumbo jumbo, but Old Milwaukee, an iconic American beer brand that honors quality and hard work without the pretense. The result is our Big Ass Beer Soap: a large, long-lasting beer soap that suds up well and smells fantastic. (It doesn't smell like beer; it has a woodsy, sandalwood scent that smells like a man should.) For the man who loves beer and the occasional shower, Duke Cannon's Shower Beer Sack makes a more-than-suitable gift. A burlap sack packed with Duke Cannon's grooming essentials, it will last longer than that six-pack.

  • Big Ass Beer Soap (Woodsy, Sandalwood Scent)
  • Big Ass Beer Soap, Jr. (TSA-friendly, travel size edition)
  • Hot Shave Clear Warming Shave Gel
  • Ice Cold Cooling After-Shave Balm 
  • Superior Grade Hair Wash (Tea Tree Formula)
  • Comes in a burlap sack